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Sakura Avalon
April 1
Physical Education, Music
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The first time we see her, Sakura is a ten year old girl living in Tomoeda. She lives with her father Fujitaka and her brother Touya. Her mother, unfortunately, passed away when she was three.

Sakura is a very talented girl who excels at almost anything-especially sport. At Tomoeda Elementary—the school where she attends fourth grade—she is known to her peers to be able to grasp any sport in no time at all.

The fourth-grader belongs to the school's cheer leading team and is able to twirl a baton with little effort. She is also seen to be excellent in rollerblading, gymnastics, track, long distance running, and is good at swimming. It's no wonder her favourite subject at school is Physical Education.

Sakura does have a few things she is weak in—maths and sewing. When she was called up to the blackboard to solve a problem alongside Li Syaoran, she struggled to solve an area problem. By the time she had gotten to solve the first step, Syaoran had already solved the entire problem with units stated.

She isn't much better in sewing either. Sitting in her room, Sakura tries to finish off her dress for a Bazaar. Just as she finishes, she realises she had sewn the neckline together.

But it's not to say she is bad at all arts and craft projects. Despite the fact that it look a lot like Kero, she was able to make a reasonable looking bear (a bear she later gave to Yukito) and managed to knit a scarf (with the help from Kero) for Li Syaoran.

Her personality is what makes Sakura such a well-loved person. She is a cheerful, energetic girl who does not ever stop trying to cheer people up. Her kindness and her empathetic nature towards other people's problems, form a big part of her personality. Whenever she sees anyone in pain—a friend, or even just someone she knows—she is the first one there to offer comfort.

One evening, Meiling received a phone call from home informing her that she needed to return home. When Meiling thought that Syaoran didn't care for her and that he only thought of her as a bother, the two cousins got into a fight. Realising how tense it would be for Meiling and Syaoran later on at home, Sakura quickly offered her place to Meiling for the night before she was due to leave the next morning.

Her relationship with Meiling has always been rocky due to the fact that Meiling thinks that Sakura is a real threat to her and Syaoran's relationship. Inspite of that, Sakura still invites this person who thought of her as an enemy to her house. It seems that the happiness of others override her own discomfort.

Sakura is also very grateful of anything she receives—whether it be help, Tomoyo's clothes, or something intangible like a friend's thoughtfulness. She never forgets a person's kind gesture and always repays them in return. The most memorable is her gift to Li Syaoran when he helped her get over Yukito.

After his comforting words, she stayed up till late to knit him a scarf. No matter how hard it was or how tired she got, she continued to knit that scarf (which also suggest another trait of hers: perseverence). She had to thank him in a meaningful way.

But it seems that she doesn't really like taking or asking for things when there isn't a reason for it.

Even though it was Tomoyo who pleaded Sakura to let her make battle costumes for her captures, Sakura felt uncomfortable and reluctant to allow her to do that. Yukito is the other person who occasionally gives her gifts. During her stay in Hong Kong, she had unintentionally asked Yukito to buy her a chinese hair piece.

Another part of her personality which shines through is her naivety. This naivety can be a flaw in her personality—especially when it comes to realising her love for Li Syaoran—but it isn't necessarily. Because of this trait of hers, it allows her to forgive people easily, never staying angry for very long.

She is able to see positive things in every person. No matter how mean Syaoran was to her during their early rivalry in card capturing, she always saw his contribution as help. She never stopped thanking him even though he never acknowledges it.

It is these qualities which make Sakura such a popular person with her family and her friends. At school, she is surrounded by a lot of friends who care about her.

Although she is loved by everyone, perhaps the one she really wants to love her is her brother's high school friend, Tsukishiro Yukito. She's had a crush on him ever since she met him. Everytime she saw him, she'd blushe and moon. But a crush was all it was. Later, Sakura finds out her love for Yukito was the kind of love that one feels for a family member—like her father.

Her true love turned out to be the seemingly arrogant, Li Syaoran—her rival in the Clow Cards—but she doesn't realise this until he tells her his feelings.

Love is probably Sakura's most valued feeling. The love, the compassion which she carries inside her heart proves to be a necessity in the Final Judgement between her and the other guardian of the Clow Cards, Yue.

Without love, she would have never been so opposed to letting Yue defeat her. She hated the feeling that everyone who had been affected by the Clow Cards would lose their love for their most important person. Having experienced life without love, she was determined to defeat Yue.

Kinomoto Sakura is a unique ten-year-old with a lot of talents, a lot of love, determination and perseverence. It is probably what makes her the perfect person to take over from the predecessor of the Clow Cards, Clow Reed. Her abilities, personal qualities, and beliefs is probably what lead her to being the chosen mistresses of the Clow Cards—and rightfully so.

Biography: ©2003 Julia & Tania C Productions

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