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©2003 Design by Julia and Tania Corner Productions. All content is copyrighted to their rightful owners. Cardcaptor Sakura is copyrighted to CLAMP and all its affiliates! No infringements is intended at all! Full Disclaimer.


ANNOUNCEMENT: We have received many e-mails, as well as messages on our guestbook, about when the Attractive Power fanfiction series will continue. Do you guys want the bad news or good news first? Guess we'll go for bad news first. :oP :oP

Because spare time comes in so limited amounts these days, we have decided that we will only continue one version of the fanfiction series for the time being. It's been quite difficult focusing on two versions with two similar storylines, yet different in other ways. And so, we think it'd be best to drop one version. This version being the Alternate version—that's the bad news. This does not mean we have stopped completely with the Alternate version, so please don't think that we've completely abandoned it. We do hope to return to it someday.

With this said, we will now focus all our effort, our energies on the Main version of the fanfiction series. We hope that this would speed up things in regards to updates.

And so, we will head off and continue our work on the Main version of the Attractive Power!

Thank you to all who have emailed and supported us. It is always a delight to hear from all of you guys! Please don't stop reading! And definitely continue to email us!

Yours sincerely,

Julia and Tania. :o) :o).

"The Attractive Power" is our Cardcaptor Sakura fanfiction series. Cardcaptor Sakura is the property of CLAMP and it is copyrighted to them. We do not want to infringe on any of those copyrights.

We have two versions of the fanfic series we've named it as "The Attractive Power". Both versions carry on directly after "Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card" (Movie Two). The difference is that in the Main version (1st ep/chap titled: The Hope Card) Sakura's most important person, Syaoran, has not lost his most important feelings. Whereas, the Alternate version, Sakura has to accept the consequences of a successful capture of the last Clow card—losing Syaoran to it because he was the strongest at the time.

The Main version and Alternate versions are slow to start off with—as well as lengthy (we think it is anyway). They run with around about the same storyline—especially in the first few episodes—but as it gets along, we believe it will become different from each other. This is partly because of the Sakura and Syaoran situation.

So the story is about Sakura being the most powerful magician—having captured the last Clow card, Emptiness, and tranformed her into her Hope card. She believes that her job's done, but she doesn't expect another adventure to arrive so soon.

With Syaoran back in Hong Kong, she faces this alone as she waits uncomfortably to find out what lies ahead. But as the situation becomes dire, he may have to return to Tomoeda.

Throughout the story, we hope to develop Sakura further as a person. We hope to get her to learn and grow. (Hopefully, crosses fingers we can pull it off!) We're not too sure how it will go, but we do have the entire fanfic series laid out in brief notes.

Thank you so much for getting this far. Hopefully, you will spare some time to read a few of the episodes—if not continue to read it all.

"The Attractive Power" (main version) fanfic series was announced as the winner of the's 2003 Big Ass Fiction contest.

The categories/awards entered into 2 categories and won in both. They were:
- Best Fanfic
- Right These Messages (Best post-series continuation award)