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Kinomoto Sakura

Kinomoto Sakura
Sweet ten year old girl chosen as the cardcaptor, the successor of the Clow cards.

Li Syaoran Li Syaoran
A decendant of the famous magician Clow Reed; Sakura's most important person.
Daidouji Tomoyo Daidouji Tomoyo
Sakura's kind best friend; always around recording the captures of the Clow cards.
Kero (Cereberus) Cereberus
One of Clow's creations, the guardian of Sakura and the Clow Cards.
Yue Yue
The second guardian of the cards who quietly watches over the card's mistress.
Li Meiling

Li Meiling
Syaoran's cousin and fiancé; trained in martial arts and is able to help out on occasions.

Hiiragizawa Eriol Hiiragizawa Eriol
The reincarnation of Clow Reed brought to Tomoeda from England to help Sakura.
Akizuki Nakuru/Ruby Moon Akizuki Nakuru/Ruby Moon
Energetic high school student who's not who she seems; serves under Eriol.
Spinel Sun/Suppi Spinel Sun (Suppi)
The other guardian who serves under Eriol; can't handle sweets and candy, but loves them.
  Mizuki Kaho
The mysterious teacher brought to give Sakura a second chance as the card's mistress.
Kinomoto Touya Kinomoto Touya
Sakura's brother who is able to see spirits and secretly knows Sakura's role.
Tsukishiro Yukito

Tsukishiro Yukito
Yue's false form; Sakura's crush; Touya's most important person.

Kinomoto Fujitaka Kinomoto Fujitaka
Sakura's father who is an archaeologist. The other reincarnation of Clow Reed.
Kinomoto Nadeshiko Kinomoto Nadeshiko
Sakura's deceased mother who occasionally visits her and the family.
Daidouji Sonomi Daidouji Sonomi
Tomoyo's mother who owns a big toy company; Nadeshiko's cousin.
Sasaki Rika Sasaki Rika
Sakura's friend who is very mature, kind and likes her teacher.
Mihara Chiharu Mihara Chiharu
Sakura's friend. She's always there to stop Takashi from telling stupid stories.
Yamazaki Takashi Yamazaki Takashi
Known for the many stories he like to embellish.
Yanagisawa Naoko Yanagisawa Naoko
Loves to read and write. Most well known for her love of ghost stories.
  Terada Yoshiyuki
Sakura's fourth grade teacher who likes a student in his class (Rika).