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Li Showron
July 13
Physical Education, Maths
Dim Sum, Chocolates
Yam Jelly
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Li Syaoran, the chinese, ten year old boy from Hong Kong, first came to Tomoeda in pursuit of the Clow Cards. He is a decendant of Clow Reed who belongs to a well-respected family of magicians in China—the Li Dynasty. His family consists of four sisters, and his mother—Li Yelan. Syaoran's father passed away when he was young. He is also known to have a cousin called, Li Meiling.

Out of his siblings, Syaoran is the strongest with the most powerful amount of magic. He is a talented individual; and at the age of ten, he is already accomplished and very disciplined in a couple of fields. These include Martial Arts (something which he has trained in since the age of three or four) and sword work.

Syaoran is a self-efficient individual who is able to take care of himself. He lives in a Japanese suburban apartment by himself (This is true in the manga series. In the animé series he lives with his trainer/family friend, Wei) and is able to cook for himself and clean. Many times he has shown the ability to make rather complicated dishes—such as dim sums, and traditional New Year dishes—and cakes. He can also handle a knife very skillfully, chopping vegetables like a professional chef.

Syaoran is an amazing soccer player who can kick a ball with convincing power and precision. He is also strong in many other sports—competitive swimming, track, and long distance running. Like his rival in the Clow Cards, Sakura, he too can grasp sports in no time at all.

Another strong point of his is Syaoran's disciplined and patient manner towards everything, but especially in his studies at school. Whenever he is faced with an assignment which he believes require a bit of study, he'll take the initiative and time to learn everything he can about his task before attacking it.

In Home Economics, Syaoran was assigned to bake a cake. To learn more about the techniques used by the bakers, he went down to the local bakery and stood at the window, watching the professionals attentively.

Like everyone else, he, too, has weaknesses. He dislikes the cold and cannot stand it. During a bus trip to the ice skating rink with the class, everyone had one layer of clothing on their way to the skating rink. Syaoran (and Meiling), on the other hand, had many layers of clothing on, including a scarf and gloves. Syaoran is also vulnerable to people who cry; he does not like to see people so unhappy.

This vulnerability suggests a side to Syaoran which is rarely seen through normal circumstances. Having much to do with his upbringing which appears to be strict due to his family's position in the Clow Dynasty, he is expected to exhibit a bit of pride and self-control. As a consequence, a harsher personality persists.

When he first arrived, Syaoran instantly expressed a rather low opinion of his rival in the Clow Cards, Kinomoto Sakura. He believed that Sakura was weak, inexperienced, and was not fit enough to capture all the Clow Cards—demanding her to hand them over. No matter how hard Sakura tried to be nice to him, he wouldn't acknowledge the gesture. This earned him a reputation of being arrogant and a bully.

Though, his perceived arrogance was nothing more than him stating the fact/truth. A part of his personality is his ability to be frank, not being affected by what others may think of him because of it. The negative criticisms towards Sakura at the beginning turned out to be not too far from the truth.

Many times during the captures, she seemed unacquainted with the nature of the Clow Cards, requiring Syaoran to state out the obvious. Even though Sakura is the chosen one, Sakura didn't study the magic of Clow since a young age like Syaoran did. She also didn't train constantly, and therefore, was weaker than Syaoran. Consequentially, these two factors lead Syaoran to obtaining the stronger cards—Time, Return, and Dream—all of which require a significant amount of magic to use.

Despite his reputation, underneath Syaoran's brusque façade, is another side. Hidden from everyone, is a caring side which Syaoran—most of the time—keeps in check in order to sustain the widely accepted image that he prefers to carry.

When he does allow it to show, Syaoran releases a surprisingly compassionate side. Contrary to what he shows on the outside, a very gentle and peaceful Syaoran resides inside. He is someone who will not intentionally hurt anyone or see anyone hurt—especially people he cares about—and very much empathises with people in pain; doing whatever it takes to comfort them.

Although he does not feel as deeply for Meiling as she does for him, she is one of two people he cares a lot about. He is always looking out for her, worried about her welfare and well-being. Ever since they were children, Meiling had been training with him in Martial Arts, and not once did he acknowledge her existence. It was until Meiling lost her bird—a bird which she received from her aunt—did she see the real Syaoran. He had run off into the pouring rain in search of the bird—disregarding the virtually impossibility of finding it—and came back with it.

The second, who turns out to be the one he loves most, is Sakura. At the park, when he realised how much Sakura was hurting inside after having her feelings rejected by her long-time crush, Yukito, he moved to comfort her. Reluctant to show this side of him at first, he eventually lets it go and fall into the side of him which seem so natural.

Syaoran also reveals himself to be quite insightful and respectful. After Sakura had her feelings denied by Yukito, Syaoran didn't immediately proceed to tell Sakura his own feelings towards her. He had expressed to Tomoyo that, even though he loved her, it was unfair to put such a burden on her. Knowing how it felt to have those feelings denied herself, Sakura would be too afraid of hurting his feelings to seriously give it a thought.

So it seems that Syaoran was not as cut and dry as he first appeared. There is much more to Syaoran than the eyes can see on the surface. Syaoran's heart is peaceful. He is an honest, compassionate person, exhibiting nothing but integrity and candidness.

He may have come to Tomoeda in search of the Clow Cards initially. But having studied Clow's magic all his life, he must have understood the need to be appointed by the guardian beast, Cereberus to have a chance of obtaining the title. He also must've known the possible disaster that was to befall the world. In light of the latter, his true intentions may not have been to capture the cards for its powers, but something much more important: to save the world from the unplesantness of a world without love.

Biography: ©2003 Julia & Tania C Productions.

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