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The Attractive Power Fanfic Series (Alt)

The adventure begins again...

Sakura is now the most powerful magician in the world, but at the expense of losing her most important person.

With a new adventure arising, Sakura has little room to re-establish the relationship with her most important person. Her attention is divided between the two, but the safety of the world comes first, before her heart as she concentrates on finding the motives of this new threat that has arrived in Tomoeda.

Ch/Ep #01 Sakura and the Lost Love
The Emptiness card has been sealed and converted to the Hope. All is back to normal, friends, families, the world returns from a deep sleep in oblivion. All has returned but the love Syaoran has for Sakura.

Ch/Ep #02 Sakura and Junior High School
The thrill of starting the new year as a junior high school student is overshadowed by Sakura's downcast mood. Her vacation had also been somewhat sombre and in low spirits, but Sakura does her best to control her emotions to enjoy Orientation Day.

Ch/Ep #03 Sakura and the New Force
Class and school have been less than exciting for Sakura.The feeling of boredom resumes through to the sixth period of maths class until she hears an incantation belonging to a magician in her sleep.

Ch/Ep #04 Sakura and the Class Trip
Sakura and her classmates visit the local botanical gardens to study and observe plant life for science class. She is assigned to observe trees, but being particularly distracted today, she is oblivious to a disturbing act right in front of her eyes.

Ch/Ep #05 Sakura's Dismay
Months has passed ever since the day Emptiness took away Syaoran's love for Sakura. Since then, she hasn't been the cheerful girl people know her to be. Her father, always the last to know about her on-goings, finally talks to her to understand the reason behind the sombre Sakura he sees nowadays.

Ch/Ep #06 Sakura's Hazy Encounter
Sakura has a confusing dream—the same one she had a few months ago. That is put aside as she thinks about the tough day ahead: the meeting with Yoshiro about her discovery. But she didn't predict the meeting to be the least of her worries when smoke suddenly engulfs the school building.

Ch/Ep #07 Sakura and the Return of an Old Friend
After battling the smoke at school, Sakura is recovering from it as she uses the day off to discuss the event with her friends Tomoyo and Yoshiro. But another heart-rending problem is instore for Sakura as she recovers and attends school the next day.

Ch/Ep #08 Sakura and the Freak Storm
As part of their plant life module for their science class, Sakura and her class head to a nursery to learn about taking care of and growing plants. Along the day, as they enjoy the warm day at the serene and beautiful setting of the nursery, they are interrupted as the presence appears again.


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