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The Attractive Power Fanfic Series

The adventure begins again...

Sakura is now the most powerful magician in the world having captured the last unsealed Clow card. Life as a cardcaptor was a struggle, but it came with many precious gifts.

That chapter of her life is now closed, but the next chapter opens as another adventure looms. Sakura must find out the motives of this new threat—all the while—watch over and protect the many precious gifts she worked so hard for... or she may find herself losing them.

Ch/Ep #01 Sakura and the Hope Card
The play for the Nadesico festival is not resumed as the 6-2 Class packs away their props and costumes. After the previous day's events, Sakura has only a few hours to spend with Syaoran before he is to return back to Hong Kong.

Ch/Ep #02 Sakura and Junior High School
A year is ahead for Sakura and her friends—starting a new year at Seijyu High as they leave their old school, Tomoeda Elementary. Sakura and her friends acquaint themselves with old and new classmates as they go through Orientation Day.

Ch/Ep #03 Sakura and the New Force
Class and school have been less than exciting for Sakura as she bears herself through the last period of maths class. But unexpectedly, the day turns troublesome when a voice is heard chanting a magician's incantation.

Ch/Ep #04 Sakura and the Class Trip
Sakura and her classmates visit the local botanical gardens to study and observe plant life for science class. She is assigned to observe trees, but being particularly distracted today, she is oblivious to a disturbing act right in front of her eyes.

Ch/Ep #05 Sakura's Relaxing Sunday
All homework and chores have been done. It is a dull, and eventless Sunday afternoon. Being so, her father suggests a visit to Tokyo city where the family spend the rest of the afternoon shopping around.

Ch/Ep #06 Sakura's Hazy Encounter
The morning starts of with worry for Sakura as she has to confront Yoshiro with her discovery. It continues to be that way for her as she tries to find an opportunity to talk to him. But she never does when the aura suddenly appears again, filling the Seijyu building with smoke.

Ch/Ep #07 Sakura and the Return of an Old Friend
A lot is needed to be discussed after the appearance of another magical incident at Sakura's high school. Having the day off to recover the ordeal, Sakura invites her friends, Tomoyo and Yoshiro over to discuss the troublesome event. But the day has a suprise for Sakura...

Ch/Ep #08 Sakura and the Freak Storm
As a closing gesture to their plant life module, Class 7-1 are on their science field trip to a nursery in the countryside. Here, they learn about planting, as well as, relax and enjoy the serene scenery that the nursery possesses. But the day is interrupted once again as the magical presence strikes again.

Ch/Ep #09 Sakura's Unmoving Engagement
While visiting their old school Tomoeda Elementary, Sakura and her friends meet up with Yukito and ends up spending the remaining time of their outing watching a one-on-one basketball game between her brother and his friend. After the game, Syaoran proceeds to ask Sakura out on a date.


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