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Making Me Numb

Screen capture from the video. Screen capture from the video. Screen capture from the video.

Music Video by Julia and Tania
Duration: 3:08 minutes.
Filesize: 43.4 MB
Footage: Cardcaptor Sakura ©CLAMP
Distributed by: Anime Cartoon International Inc. (DVD)
Soundtrack Title:"Numb"
Artist: Linkin Park
Album: Meteora

Detailed Description of the Video:
Li Syaoran of Cardcaptor Sakura heads this music video. Here, we have portrayed Syaoran as quite a frigid and unfeeling character. He does not care about anyone or anything and likes to do things his way, even if it hurts the feelings of the person next to him in battle: Sakura. He will not become emotional or compassionate—everything that he thinks Sakura is.

He believes that to feel and allow Sakura to break through this barrier of his, he will be weak and vulnerable. It is not a position he wishes to be in. Therefore, he has an internal alarm that alerts him to leave when he feels he is reaching the point he considers a threat to this image he feels so comfortable with.

But the truth is the threat is not within Sakura; the threat lies within him. The side that he is very much unconscious of, the side that shows care, automatically surfaces. When it does, he tries very hard to fight it. We find him switching between the two sides as he tries to regain control over himself.

Eventually, he begins to lose his ground as a part of his brusqueness is whisked away, allowing the caring side to come out almost naturally. He begins to be affected by Sakura’s welfare, but he still continues to fight it nevertheless. Syaoran continues to fight it until he cannot deny it anymore when he realises that he isn’t so unfeeling after all. He knows he cannot stand to ‘not care’, finally giving in to the tiring work of fighting it and accepts Sakura.