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©2003 Design by Julia and Tania Corner Productions. All content is copyrighted to their rightful owners. Cardcaptor Sakura is copyrighted to CLAMP and all its affiliates! No infringements is intended at all! Full Disclaimer.

Our Cardcaptor Sakura fansite

Limitless Possibilities is a site dedicated to the shoujo manga-turned-anime series, Cardcaptor Sakura by the super-talented artist group, ©CLAMP.

The Site
This fansite is all Cardcaptor Sakura, accommodating information ranging from the series (episodes and the two movies—including, over 600 screen captures!), to detailed, custom-written biographies of the characters (some still to come), to image galleries, to fanworks of ours.

Our Fan Projects
Some fanworks that we do are anime music videos for the series, as well as background designs, and avatars. But the biggest project we've taken up on is the fanfiction series of ours: "The Attractive Power". It is one of the main features of this site.

  • The Attractive Power Fanfic Series
    The Cardcaptor Sakura fanfic of ours, "The Attractive Power" is a direct continuation from the 2nd movie: "The Sealed Card". We have planned to do a full series, continuing where the series left off.

  • Cardcaptor Sakura Anime Music Videos
    Currently, there are only a couple, but we listen to a lot of music and have a lot of ideas floating. There will be more to come! Forums

This is another place to go to contact us if you have any questions about anything on our site(s), queries about content, broken links, etc. Please do use this forum to inform us/question anything.
Also, feel free to join our forum to just talk about everything from anime to multimedia, to fanfiction—anything. There are a lot of things to talk about, so sign up and join in the chat!

Limitless Possibilities - Flash 6.0 Version
This site mirrors the Flash version. If you're interested in seeing what that version looks like, please do. The link is on the top left corner.


  • The Attractive Power - Episode 9: Sakura's Unmoving Engagement (Main Version)

    We have planned to update this episode/chapter today, 6 Dec, as we have informed some of you guys, but because we have been a little sick recently, it has been hard to continue with the progress. But we can tell you guys who are interested in this fanfic series, we have two pages at most to write before it is completed. We hope nothing gets in our way and it will be up very shortly.

    Thank you all so much for your support in the fanfic. We're very happy to see some interest out there for this. Your enthusiasm for this fanfic series of ours definitely will keep us typing away until the finish line!

Monday , 06 December, 2004


  • Plagiarism is not allowed!

    Building a site and putting information that we (Julia and Tania) in particular have written ourselves and claiming it as your own work on your site is not allowed. This includes the character bios and series information which are authored by us—work that we have spent a long time on. We could have tolerated (somewhat) if the few of you who did a copy and paste job credited us on your site, but even then work written by us should not be put on other sites without our permission.

    We do eventually find out for those of you who think we don't. One site in particular, we don't appreciate this sort of activity. Please remove the series synopsis or credit us by providing a link to our site. Others who wish to use any of the written work, please do ask us before you take it. How you know which pieces of writing are ours, is by the copyright signed under Julia and Tania C Productions, or Limitless Possibilities, or any other variations of the two. This is also the case for our fanfiction series, "The Attractive Power". It is also not to be published anywhere else but this site without permission. Linking to the pages themselves is, however, permissible.

    Again, please do ask by e-mailing us. We know the majority have been kind enough to credit us, and some even emailed, so to those thank you very much for doing so. This message is only to those who have taken content from here (and hotlinked images, soundfiles, etc) without crediting. We have let you guys off—for now.

Thursday, 16 September, 2004


  • Cardcaptor Sakura: The Attractive Power Fanfic Series

    Episode 9: Sakura's Unmoving Engagement (Main)
    Episode 9: Sakura's Paralysing Evening (Alternate)

    We do apologise to those who have been following this fanfic series. We are aware that an update is well over due, so if anyone is looking out for this one, the main version in particular, please do hang on and continue to wait! We know you guys can't wait forever and so, we will try our hardest to get this one out as soon as we can! The alternate version will take a while longer. Mina-san, gomenasai!

Sunday, 06 June, 2004


  • Direct Linking Images and Other Files on Our Site

    Guys, please don't remote link. This means, please don't directly link to files from our site. Download the files to your own computer and link it from there, NOT from our site. Even then, as a good webmaster, always give credit to the site(s) you got the content from.

    You must understand that we PAY for our webspace. Direct linking is using our bandwidth, hence we have to pay more. It's unfair for us to pay for a bit of your site by direct linking.

    E-mail us before you do such thing in the future—although, we don't guarantee you permission to direct link. If we do give you permission, there must be a link to our CCS site somewhere on your site. We don't care where, just a mention okay? *sigh* We're asking nicely. If you don't, be forewarned!

Thursday, 22 January, 2004